626-602-6735 312 N. Allen Ave. Pasadena, Ca. 91106 24/7
626-602-6735 312 N. Allen Ave. Pasadena, Ca. 91106 24/7

Partial hospitalization (PHP) doesn’t mean you’re actually in a hospital. These programs are between inpatient and outpatient, with more flexibility and freedom than residential programs. PHP is also reffered to as “day treatment”.

An intensive outpatient program, or IOP, is an alternative means of receiving highly focused addiction treatment while still maintaining commitments to family, home, work and/or school. We welcome you to a succesful road to recovery!

Aim 4 Recovery does provide Outpatient Treatment to those who need a step-down program from a higher level of treatment, such as PHP and/or IOP. Get Outpatient Therapy at a Glendale Drug Rehab Treatment Center you can trust.

Asking for help is the first step in addiction treatment recovery. We understand how difficult this must be. But, you don’t have to go it alone. We are here for you and your loved ones. We genuinely care for each of our Clients. Our team of compassionate experts are here to listen and guide you through this process and help aim you in the right direction.

Achieve Sobriety with Aim 4 Recovery Addiction Treatment Centers

Aim 4 Recovery is an addiction treatment center located in the beautiful City of Pasadena, California. Our mission has been to provide a unique intensive outpatient program that offers a safe, private and nurturing environment, where our Clients, that are suffering from alcohol and/or other substance addiction use issues, can receive the expert help they deserve, while still being able to live in the comfort of their own home. Most of our Clients have jobs, or go to school and therefore can not go to a live-in, residential type program, but still need a strong enough treatment center that will fit their specific needs. Aim 4 Recovery is able to do just that! We work around our Clients schedule. Our main goal is to help our Clients obtain a solid foundation, free from, alcohol and drugs, while also developing a plan for future success in all other areas of their lives, as well – Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit. Many of our Clients have reported that they suffered alone for many years before receiving the help they deserved. Please don’t let this be you! No one should have to go through this alone. We want each of our Clients and their loved ones to know that when they reach out for help, AIM 4 Recovery addiction treatment centers will be there to reach back!

AIM 4 Recovery serves the Glendale, La Crescenta, La Canada, Tujunga, and Pasadena areas, as well as all other nearby, surrounding areas. If you would like to talk to a Counselor now, feel free to call  us @ 818-369-7089.