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626-602-6735 312 N. Allen Ave. Pasadena, Ca. 91106 24/7

Meet Our Rehabilitation Center Experts

Our people make the difference.

Our specialized counselors are dedicated to providing all of our Clients with the life skills needed to sustain a lifetime of sobriety and happiness. We understand though, that each person comes with their own unique and specific issues. Therefore, each person also requires their own unique and individualized treatment regimen (plan).  Our experienced counselors take careful consideration of each Client and their loved ones, ensuring they receive the most effective opportunities needed to achieve long-lasting sobriety, and the successful outcome they deserve. We are dedicated to our Clients and their families, and we are so proud to have helped each of them throughout their amazing journey into recovery. We know that we can help YOU change your life for the better, too! Please afford yourself the opportunity to get the help you deserve, and let us help AIM you in the right direction!

Our Staff

Combined, our team of experts have over 35 years of years of experience in the field of addiction and recovery. We offer the most caring Doctor and patient-assistant team to treat you and all your needs. We pride ourselves in maintaining small intimate groups, treating each person with care and consideration. We’ve hand-picked a high-quality team of professionals qualified to successfully resolve any recovery matter. No issue is too big or too small. If you believe you need help, our experts can help you find a solution.

Angelique Duke-Shirvanian

Angelique Duke-Shirvanian – Co-Founder & COO    Director

Angelique has a strong sense of integrity when dealing with her clients and a commitment to keeping all of her client’s information confidential she’s a compassionate listener and is going to help you focus on getting into the solution.

Moses Nasser

Moses Nasser, D.O.

Dr. Moses Nasser is the overseeing Doctor of our facility here at Aim 4 Recovery. He is family medicine trained and a board-certified osteopathic physician.

Dr. Moses is a highly empathetic, sensitive healing artist with a deep, compassionate love for all beings. His practice of addiction medicine is truly mind-body healing.

Howard Hakes

Howard Hakes – Founder & CEO

Howard Hakes is passionate about community-based organizations and is very involved in substance abuse programs. He was a founding member and President of the Pasadena Valley Drug and Alcohol Prevention Coalition, which was later known as the CV Alliance. Mr. Hakes is the President of Hitchcock Automotive Resources and serves on numerous other Automobile Associations and Boards.

Amanda Petro – Healing Arts Practitioner

My name is Amanda Petro. I am a Healing Arts Practitioner, providing yoga and sound healing services to corporate offices, country clubs, treatment centers and yoga studios throughout LA County. In early 2009 I was introduced to yoga and immediately fell in love with the physical challenge of the practice. When I moved out of state in 2012, I started practicing Ashtanga & Vinyasa Yoga regularly. After two years of continuous dedication, I became captivated by not only the physical benefits of yoga, but the mind, body, spirit aspects of the practice as well. In 2014, I began my journey to becoming a teacher. When I completed my RYT 200, I craved to learn more and to dive deeper into yoga philosophy, its origins, anatomy and accessibility. In 2016 I graduated from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona, where I finished the 800 hour Holistic Health Practitioner diploma. I became a certified RYT 500, Holistic Nutrition Specialist and Reiki Master Teacher. Since then I’ve been teaching full time, hosting sold out events, offering destination retreats and continuing to spread my love and knowledge for the yoga practice to a wide range of demographics. I also specialize in Prenatal, Yin Yoga, PTSD, Aromatherapy and Sound Healing.

More about Mr. Howard Hakes – Founder & CEO


  • CATC-I

Howard Hakes is an expert in his field and has been very involved with numerous programs throughout the years, working with adults and adolescents struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol. Mr. Hakes is also passionate about helping community-based organizations that work with and give back to the under-privileged. He was a founding member and President of the Pasadena Valley Drug and Alcohol Prevention Coalition, later known as the CV Alliance, which received a $625,000 grant from SAMSHA. Mr. Hakes received a degree in Substance Abuse Counseling in 2012 and was California Certified in 2013 as a CADC-I through the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP) #C036550116. Mr. Hakes currently volunteers his time in Pasadena, Ca., facilitating recovery groups at outpatient treatment facilities, working with adults and their families, at least two to three times per week. Howard is also involved in facing the homeless crises here in California.

Howard Hakes is the President of Hitchcock Automotive Resources, one of Southern California’s largest automotive dealer groups, which owns and operates three dealerships throughout Southern California; Puente Hills-Toyota, Toyota of Santa Barbara and Northridge Toyota. Mr. Hakes serves as the Director on numerous industry associations, including Chairman of the American International Automotive Dealer Association (AIADA), Ambassador of the National Automotive Dealers Charitable Foundation. In addition, Howard sits on Boards of a few other Automobile related companies.

Mr. Hakes, resides in Pasadena, Ca. and holds two degrees, including a degree in Business from Ashford University. 

More about Dr. Moses Nasser, D.O.


  • MAT-Certified in Addiction Medicine
  • Board Certified Family Practice and OMT 
  • Mindfulness Based Customer Service in Healthcare
Moses Nasser, D.O.
Dr. Moses Nasser is a family medicine trained and board certified osteopathic physician. His experience encompasses family medicine, urgent care medicine, osteopathic manipulation, hands-on-healing with guided meditation, and music for healing. He consults and teaches patient satisfaction and empathy in healthcare. Dr. Moses is an empath- a highly sensitive healing artist with a deep, compassionate love for all beings. His practice of addiction medicine is truly mind-body healing. Body healing, by using prescription medications (MAT = Medication Assisted Treatment) to help stabilize the brain; mental healing (true, deep healing) through the doctor-patient relationship, and then by encouraging permanent changes in practical life behaviors, including right thinking, right diet, exercise, mindfulness, work, the patient’s  environment, and relationships.

More about Angelique Duke-Shirvanian, Co-Founder & COO Director


  • CDVF-I

Angelique Shirvanian is a force to be reckoned with! This is definitely one Counselor that you want on your side, especially when going up against the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction!

Angelique… also known as, and fondly referred to by her nickname Angel has over 22 years of experience and has helped change hundreds of thousands of people’s lives! Dedicated to excellence, angel brings a new meaning to going above and beyond the call of duty for her clients and their loved ones! Angelique‘s husband and son has grown up in the Glendale communities and herself has lived within the Glendale community for over eight years
and has a strong desire to help her fellow community members make a stronger more suitable foundation for all of our families and their children!

Angelique graduated in the year 2000 with honors from one of the very first addiction studies programs ever developed back in the 1990s right here in the heart of Los Angeles! Since then Angelique has become a Level II Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, a Level II Certified Anger Management Professional and Certified Domestic Violence Facilitator who has received
numerous accolades and awards received from graduating college with honors and numerous high schools. throughout Southern California, past employers, where she has volunteered hundreds and hundreds of hours giving back and helping students, parents, teachers and other faculty members with certain stressors and life struggles they are facing on Campus, as well as a Commendation given to Angelique back in the year 2008 by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for volunteering her time to the VIDA (Vital Intervention Directional Alternatives) Programs! Angelique has also received certificate of achievement for academics by the California state assembly and outstanding academic achievement by the City of Los Angeles!

Angelique has had the pleasure of opening 6 intensive outpatient programs for other companies as well as helped in opening a couple of inpatient programs a while back! However, AIM 4 Recovery is special because she finally gets to open a program of her own. Where she gets to design with her heart. But that took finding a partner like Howard Hakes taking a chance on Angel and believing in her and he – himself matches her love and compassionate for people, young and old alike that are suffering from this phenomenon, we all call addiction!!!

Although she’s worked in the field for over 22 years now Angelique still has as much passion working in this field and helping others even more so now than in the past…and you can see it in her everyday life with all of her clients Angelique really does go above and beyond for her Clients and their families, as well as the community!  This is what Angelique was born to do!!! Help others! Everyone knows that Angel stays on call 24 hours a day seven days a week and if for some reason she missed your call even if it’s 3 o’clock in the morning, she will get back to you!

Angelique is well trained and well-versed in upholding ethical standards, cultural sensitivity, co-occurring disorders, severe family discord, anxiety and depression, as well as certified in CPR and first aid in home elderly care life management child development and the list goes on!  To Angel this is not a job this is her life this is what she is passionate about because she knows that this is not just considered a regular job these are people’s lives and their children, wives and husbands that we are helping here and therefore we take this very seriously
Angelique’s primary focus is to first and foremost, help her clients and their family members out of the initial crisis They are often in when they first walk through the doors.  And next, her focus is to help bring awareness and a solid foundation in treatment and recovery, as well as just simply bringing peace to her clients and their families  as a season counselor Angelique often works with people who have diverse needs and has a proven track record with effective results and positive outcomes she is compassionate understanding friendly but also stern when need be and just an overall welcoming demeanor especially when working with people during challenging times she just has a way of keeping her cool.

Angelique will often WOW her Clients during her Psychoeducational lectures, most especially because of her outstanding knowledge of the disease of addiction and mental health issues as well as her expertise at being able to implement the many types of behavioral and counseling techniques/ therapies that are effective.

Angel prides herself on providing honest and open communication with her clients and quality care as well as resources for parents and their loved ones of the person suffering from addiction as a leader in her field and dedicated to excellence as well as increasing access to behavioral health care services Angelique has given several presentations to the community on the Real
Dangers of Marijuana and other substances!