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626-602-6735 312 N. Allen Ave. Pasadena, Ca. 91106 24/7

Outpatient Treatment Center Pasadena

At Aim 4 Recovery, we know how important it is to have support and guidance on the road to recovery – but some people put off getting the help they need because they can’t take the time off from work and family commitments to do a residential treatment program. Aim 4 Recovery’s outpatient treatment center in Pasadena offers an intensive outpatient program that will allow you to meet your work and family commitments while getting the help you need to overcome addiction.


Our program begins with a thorough assessment to make sure we understand your individual needs and to help us develop an effective treatment plan for you. Once you begin the intensive outpatient program, you will receive both individual and group counseling sessions using a combination of evidence-based practices like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the traditional 12-step approach.

At Aim 4 Recovery’s outpatient treatment center in Pasadena, we will work with your schedule to get you the help you need. We offer group therapy three times a week, in morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend sessions of 180 minutes each. Adult and adolescent programs meet on opposite days.

The group therapy sessions at our outpatient treatment center in Pasadena cover many different topics, including how to handle post-acute withdrawal syndrome, how to prevent a relapse, how to manage cravings, triggers, and urges, understanding what addiction is and how it works, family matters, sober socializing, co-occurring disorders, and any other topics of interest to the group.


Unlike many other addiction treatment centers, we are happy to work with your spouse or family to help you succeed in your recovery program. If the people you live with are still drinking or using drugs, we would encourage you to consider allowing us to help you find a sober living and or a residential treatment program that is right for you. However, it is not mandatory. We want to help you succeed in your recovery and therefore, if home is not a sober environment for you, and it becomes too difficult, we will help you either address it with your loved one (only when you feel comfortable), or with your permission, we may even encourage your loved one to seek help for themselves, as well while providing appropriate referrals.

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