For many addicts, the uncertain times and enforced quarantines can be very triggering. Coping with the stress of worrying about getting sick, the uncertainty about the future, and possibly being out of work are stressful even for those without addiction challenges. Aim 4 Recovery is licensed by the State of California’s Department of Health Care Services and offers online addiction specialist treatment.

Online Therapy

Social distancing has rendered traditional therapy treatments difficult. However, those struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol still need treatment, now more than ever. Online therapy can still give face-to-face interaction with a trained specialist as well as fostering relationships with those who share your struggles.

Right now, Aim 4 Recovery offers virtual group sessions, virtual individual sessions, and virtual family sessions on a voluntary basis. Having connectivity while in the early recovery stages is important. While under “stay at home” orders and self-quarantine, it’s easy for addicts to feel the temptation to relapse.

Coping With Triggers

Part of the importance of regular online therapy is helping clients talk through triggers and find help when they’re tempted to drink or use. Having access to a dedicated specialist, or even a group of sober peers can provide the connectivity that many addicts need.

The Aim 4 Recovery Difference Versions

We offer two different programs: teen-centered outreach and adult addiction therapy. Each has different objectives. We’re a comprehensive company, in fact, we also offer Anger Management, Stress Management, and Parenting Classes as well as provide onsite and Lab drug-alcohol and tobacco urine testing.

Our program is entirely voluntary, however, we recognize that occasionally we have clients here that are court-ordered. We wish to note that we are completely approved by California courts and our specialist counselors are here for patients and their families to help them work through difficult times. Stress management and anger management counseling help our clients unwind their feelings and make smarter choices when dealing with stressful situations.

Compliant With Courts, Employers, and Schools

Many of our clients are court-ordered to attend rehab sessions, but being able to attend in person is challenging. The sessions available online with our treatment facility are in accordance with the California court system and may be used in place of traditional rehab sessions. When stay-at-home restrictions are lifted, clients may choose to continue sessions online or continue virtual counseling with a specialist.

Aim 4 Recovery also works closely with the court system, to ensure that all clients are compliant with their court orders. We also work with schools, helping our clients regain access to education and comply with guidelines set forth by the school system. We also work with employers, working in accordance with employee assistance programs, and helping workers become more productive while seeking therapy.

Paying For Recovery

AIM 4 Recovery takes PPO health insurance and will work with each client and their family to determine a financial plan to pay for treatment. Your intake counselor can help determine the right method for you.